I asked Liz, the latest member of our FLR Matchmaking Service to make a list of 25 ways she would like to be pleased by a Gentleman who wants a Loving Female Led Relationship and this is what she wrote. Do you think you can please Liz?

Please Me

Support me in my career Be chivalrous: open doors, pull out chairs, walk on the part of the sidewalk that’s closest to traffic, etc.Take me to see a show or concertRun lines with me when I indulge my artistic side and take an acting classCook healthy meals for meWash the dishes if I cookGive me a neck rubKiss meTell me you love meTell your friends wonderful things about meBe there for me when I am vulnerable or insecureConfide in meTake my car to be serviced Send me flowers at my office on my birthdayBe patient with my elderly parentsHelp me care for my petsProtect me from harmTell me when you think I am making a bad choice, and provide an alternativeCuddle with meRespect my choices/decisionsSmile at meTake care of me if I get sickWork out with meMeet me at the train station when I come home from workTake care of things around the house, such as changing smoke detector battery, oiling a squeaky door, etc.

Do you think you can offer Liz the treatment she feels she deserves? Liz is an attorney who lives in New York and is seeking a Loving FLR with a Gentleman who is professional, kind and eager to experience true love.

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