Friendships can be difficult to acquire and maintain at any age, but perhaps especially so in your 30’s. It’s such a busy time in life. Most everyone you know is chasing after young children, building their career, or focusing on growing their marriage—or all the above.

But friendships are a crucial part of our life that we can’t afford to neglect. In the moment, we might not feel the pinch of loneliness—after all, we’re potty training, checking middle school ratings, trying to remember our wedding anniversary, and debating exactly how long one can go without sweeping the floors before it’s a health hazard. Some weeks it feels like a huge accomplishment just to show up to church on time, much less actually invest in the women around us, right? But one day we’ll realize we’re in full burn-out mode, and there’s no one to call to go grab coffee or have a girl’s night featuring an obscene amount of cheesecake.

There’s so much benefit to connecting with other women that goes beyond the temporary hassle of making it happen. The best part is? We’re all in the same boat. Maybe her boat has more children in it than yours or is a little more stylish. Maybe her boat has a husband in it, maybe it doesn’t. Regardless of the details, we can all relate to each other in some way as women in our 30’s—and thrive on the shared encouragement and empathy.

Here’s 8 ways to make friends in your 30’s that you won’t regret!

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