Madeleine Mason, Founder of PassionSmiths, says the desire for lasting love is a human concern that includes both sexes, which is why she’s made it her mission to help men and women make positive, permanent changes to their love lives. At their London-based dating and relationship coaching firm, Madeleine and her team of experts offer dynamic advice sessions, informational workshops, and therapy packages that empower clients to overcome the hurdles they’re facing in their quest to find a soul mate. PassionSmiths caters to the entire spectrum of dating and relationships, so whether you’re single, married, or in a dedicated partnership, the company can help you develop strategies for nurturing the healthy bonds you desire.Share18

Madeleine Mason’s dream of helping men and women with their relationship needs began in the world of online dating. She met her co-founder in Dan Williams, a psychotherapist, and learned he shared her interests in wanting to transform lives, as Madeleine put it, “one heart at a time.”

Together, the two created a niche that fit outside the box of relationship coaching services that only cater to one gender or age group. Dan and Madeleine founded PassionSmiths as a full-service boutique that specializes in treating both sexes and all generations. Their goal is to deliver the tools essential for people to develop satisfying relationships.

As the leader of the London-based dating and relationship coaching firm, Madeleine finds pride in PassionSmiths’ dedication to being the go-to source for love seekers from any background. She wants her company to be a one-stop shop for men, women, couples, and singles — not only in London but worldwide.

“We cater to the whole spectrum behind the romantics,” she said. “We don’t really distinguish between men and women. We come from the standpoint that men aren’t from Mars and women aren’t from Venus. We’re all from Earth.”

The PassionSmiths team meets clients wherever they’re at on their life journeys to help them find romance and/or take relationships from good to great — offering tailor-made workshops, events, relationship coaching, and counseling.

“We want everybody to be happy in fulfilling relationships, be it in marriage or long-term partnerships,” Madeleine said.

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