Ladies we you want to be hot! PassionSmiths had the privilege of talking to the amazing Sophie Thorpe of YourStyleSister. We asked her about what to wear on first dates…

Ah, the stress of what to wear for a date! But what type of date is it?

Is it a speed dating or singles event? Is it drinks straight after work? Is it a coffee date on a Saturday morning? A dinner date? Or what about a meet-the-friends ‘date’ (you know you’re going to be ‘checked’ out)? And the ultimate meet and greet, the first ‘date’ with the parents/ possible future in-laws?

Trying not to send yourself into a tail spin of blind panic, you rummaged through the mostly uninspiring black and beige contents of your wardrobe, only to feel the cold sweat of fear drip from your forehead and run down the centre of your back as you realise that you have NOTHING TO WEAR!!


Yep, you and almost every other woman on the planet.

Fear not my beauty, all will be revealed in the next few paragraphs to give you a head start and advantage over other ladies this chap might be swooning over.

Here we go…

First up, the speed dating or singles night. Wear RED. In a room jam packed with other bodies, the most effective way to stand out and grab a man’s attention, send his pulse racing and his heart all a flutter, is to wear red. Statistically speaking, red is the #1 colour MOST attractive to men and most noticeable in a packed room. Simples!

Next up, the drinks straight after work. You have 2 options here. Again, you can wear the trusty red, although I’d advise you to keep it to just the one item and on the top half of your body. Or you can opt for a hot pink or fuchsia, or even magenta, to keep the heat up and add a little feminine warmth. Men do like to feel there’s a ‘softness’ or warm nurturing side to you. Don’t judge them, it’s simply instinct. Play to it!

And for the Saturday lunch date? Well, I’d opt for the pink. Wear a rich, warm, seductive and feminine pink and he’ll not know what to do with himself, or what to do with his fish and chips (if he doesn’t order them with mushy peas on the side then he doesn’t know what real fish and chips are, so you should dump him straight away). Again, keep it to the top half of your body so if you’re sat down, he still gets an eyeful.

And if you’re curious to know which colours to wear for the other dating scenarios, and what colours to NEVER EVER wear on a date, then join me on 29th September at my drinks night ‘Dress UP Friday’ in central London, and I’ll be thrilled to let you in on the secret.


Sophie Thorpe aka Your Style Sister @

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