The final countdown has officially begun! It’s for the largest and most important online course I have ever done and probably ever will do.

In less than two weeks, on midnight, Thursday, August 29th, we open the shopping cart for The Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle Course for just seven days. Go to to check out the over 16 hours of video content(!) spread out over 13 sections and 62 different lessons(!) PLUS over 70 how-to podcasts(!) PLUS two video conferences PLUS one-on-one coaching with me PLUS the 13+ audiobook version of The Unchained Man PLUS, well hell, just go here and look at all of the stuff you’ll get.

The course covers how to be successful in all the areas key to the Alpha Male 2.0: personal strategic planning, dating, relationship management, location-independent business income, increasing daily energy levels, international techniques, confidence, outcome independence, oneitis management, hormonal management, and holy crap, so many other key areas. Like I said, it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever done, by far. And you get an instant $400 discount if you have purchased any of my prior courses.

On top of that you can also get one or both of the optional add-on courses, Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle For The Younger Man, a course designed specifically for men under the age of 35 (stuff I wish I had when I was younger!), and Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle For The Older Man, a course with info geared only for us older guys over age 35.

Over the next two weeks, I will provide several how-to articles related to exactly how you can design your own Alpha Male 2.0 life, along with sample videos from the course so you can get a good taste of exactly what you’ll get.

I will also regularly answer any questions you have regarding the upcoming course and provide supplemental videos to help answer these questions. I want to make sure all of you interested in getting this course are 100% ready on August 30th when it becomes available. It will only be available for exactly seven days. After that I shut everything down on the evening of September 5th and you won’t be able to get it after that no matter how much you ask or beg.

And yes, there will be a monthly installment plan available so those of you unable to put all the money together that week won’t miss out.

Also, if you would like to be an affiliate for this course and make a 25% commission on any courses you sell through your links, this time around we have an entire affiliate program (for which anyone can sign up for free) where we actually walk you through the entire process of selling this course and making money. You get your own landing page, email autoresponders, email scripts, and how-to video and written instructions on exactly how to make money marketing this course. Early next week I’ll post an article here outlining the specifics.

This is the course, yes, this course, is the one I’ve been wanting to do for over four years now. I’m so glad I can finally get this into your hands.


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