Here are answers to a few questions we’re getting regarding the Maximum Freedom Course so far:

I purchased the main course and I’ve already gone past the screens for the add-on courses, but I want to buy an add-on course now. Can I still do that?

Yes.  You’ll have to make a manual PayPal payment to do so. Go to and make a payment for the add-on course(s) and state in the transaction notes your Teachable login email. Then we’ll set it up. It’s $397 for each add-on course or $647 for both.

I purchased a prior course but I can’t find the code for that discount. What do I do?

Be sure to check your spam filter, your Promotions and Social tabs in Gmail, and so on. If you absolutely still can’t find it, email us and give us the email address you used to set up your Teachable account for your prior course. (Please be patient because we’re getting a little slammed this morning.) Once we verify that you’re currently enrolled, we’ll set you up.

When I go to the course page it gives a price that is different than $1797.

That’s because you’re in another country outside of the USA and the page is doing some kind of currency conversion to your version of dollars. Whatever it says, it’s the equivalent of $1797 in US Dollars, so don’t worry.

Can I use Google Pay or Apple Pay to get the courses?

Yes! We offer both of those now! We set these up specifically for this course. However, you have to purchase the course using your mobile device and you have to have those apps installed/enabled in your device, otherwise you won’t see those as payment options. If you use a computer you won’t see them as options (you just see the options for credit card and PayPal).


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