We’ve entered the final countdown. Less than three days left to get The Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle Course, the most amount of content I’ve ever offered in one place.

One of the biggest questions I’m getting is how much content an existing reader / customer of mine will receive from the course if you’ve already read some of my books, gone through some of my past courses, and/or have been a member of the SMIC Program.

I have gone out of my way to provide a massive amount of content in the course that I have never provided anywhere else in any of my other courses, books, programs, or blogs. Even if you have read many of those things, there will be a large amount of new content you’ve never seen before, particularly in these areas:

Investing Financial management International business International dating OLTR Marriage Saving money on taxes Testosterone Daily energy levels A bunch of other things I can’t remember off the top of my head (like I said, there is a massive amount of content in this course)

In addition, there is a lot of new content within topics I’ve discussed before. For example, I’ve discussed Outcome Independence before, but in this course, I go into much more detail and many more specific techniques on how to increase your OI that I have never discussed anywhere else in any of my books, blogs, or courses.

These expanded areas include:

Confidence Outcome independence Creating / designing your Mission Designing your life Alpha 2.0 freedom baselines (there are many) Anti-jealousy techniques Nonmonogamous relationship management The three life phases And a bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting

Take a minute right now and go to the course page, scroll down to the Class Curriculum, then click the little down-arrow right below Section 2 that expands the entire curriculum in the course, complete with time codes on how long all the videos are. You’re going to see a lot of stuff in there I have either never talked about or have never talked about in detail. This course is not a repeat of The Unchained Man or any of book or course I have (though you get the entire 13+ hour audiobook and extra podcasts as part of this course!).

It’s true that if you have consumed damn near all of my content (like you’ve read pretty much all of my books, all of my courses, been a member of SMIC for a long time, and you’ve been to some of my seminars), then of course you’re going to see some repeat. That can’t be avoided if you’ve seriously consumed that much of my content. That’s why I’m giving you a $400 discount on the course if you’ve purchased any of my prior courses (be sure to email us if you can’t find that discount code in your email, but hurry, time is running out) AND it’s why you get a another 25% discount if you’re an SMIC Member at the Diamond or Titanium levels (and yes, you get BOTH of those two discounts; they stack!!!). (And yes, you can sign up for SMIC right now to get the discount on the course if you subscribe to a nonrefundable annual subscription, but again, we’re only about two days away from the deadline so you need to hurry.)

On top of all that, in case you’re still a little hesitant, there’s a 30-day completely unconditional money-back guarantee so you’re covered no matter what happens.

Lastly, we’re getting guys asking about making multiple payments bigger and faster than the installment plan so they can get the course sooner without having to miss out. Yes, we will do this. Email my staff and they can arrange manual PayPal payments or Stripe invoicing if you can’t use PayPal.

We’re about 2.5 days away before I shut off enrollment. Tick tock! Now’s the time if you want in on this!


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