I can finally announce the dates and lesson curriculum for the most important online course I’ve ever done, and perhaps ever will do. The Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Course, the course I’ve been working on for years, the course that covers your entire life including business, money, women, relationships, physical energy, time management, and so much more will be open for enrollment on Friday, August 30th, 2019. That’s two months from now. Enrollment will be open for exactly one week, and that’s it. At midnight on Thursday, September 5th I’ll shut it all down.

Click here to take a look at the full listing of all the content and lessons that you’ll receive. We’re up to over 15 hours of content for this course. Add that to the 13 hours of audio content from the audiobook version of The Unchained Man, plus over 70 podcasts you’ll receive via your free Gold membership to the SMIC program as part of the course. All of this adds up to over 63 hours of video and audio content as soon as you sign up for this course. You get the coaching, the video conferences, and everything else.

Go here to see the gigantic listing of all the lessons you’ll get in this course. It’s crazy.

The cost of this course will be $1797 which is $100 less than what I was planning and you get $400 off that if you’ve purchased any prior courses from me (and didn’t get a refund) which makes the new price $1397.

Current SMIC members at the Diamond and Titanium levels get a 25% discount on top of that (and Nuclear members get it for free). If you want to sign up for SMIC just to get the discount (or free courses), you may, but click here and scroll down to the FAQ section for the details on how that’s done. SMIC members also get access to the course about a week before anyone else (which means, yes, they get an extra week to get the course.)

We are offering a payment plan too, as always; it will be five monthly payments of $397. You get all of your stuff when the final payment is made, and you can pre-pay at any time with no penalty.

As I mentioned earlier, there are also two optional add-on courses, Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle For Younger Men (guys age 18-34) and Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle For Older Men (guys age 35 and up) with additional lifestyle design techniques tailored to each age group. Click here for the younger man course and here for the older man course. These add-on courses will be $397 each or $647 if you want both of them, which is a discount of $147. Unlike prior courses, guys who choose the installment plan will be able to add in one or both add-on courses as optional final payments, so you won’t miss out on these if you choose the installment plan.

I have been working on this course, in some form or fashion, for about four years. It’s the course I’ve wanted to do for that long. (Seriously, you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do this!!!)

My staff and I have been busting our asses for weeks getting this ready. I’ve been in Panama and Paraguay over the last few weeks (I’m in Paraguay now) working on my residencies, and I’ve still been working on it almost every day.

We’ve also integrated many of your suggestions from prior courses, including using multiple lovely assistants, a large monitor and graphics instead of a hand-written whiteboard (just like in the video above), a more logical flow of the lessons, and so on. The production costs for this course are quadruple what they were for the last course (which was over double the course before that!), so you can see I’m quite serious about this.

This course is the core of everything I talk about.

Click here to see all the goodies you’ll get in August when you sign up. More details coming soon.


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