online dating Online dating can result in successful relationships for many but there are unscrupulous people out there too, whose mission is to scam you or mislead you in one way or another. Our friends at Scamalytics specialise in online scamming prevention, share with us 3 steps you can take to avoid scammers when you are online dating.



1.First and foremost, don’t let your contacts take the communications off the site or app too soon, as this will make it difficult for the dating site you are on to detect the scammer (and thus unable to delete their account). Most scammers will try and get you off the site as soon as possible by giving you their mobile number or a personal email address within the first couple of exchanges. Don’t fall into this trap until you can be sure they’re genuine. Keep the communications on the site until you agree to meet.

2. Speaking of meeting. Do not meet until you feel comfortable that they are genuine.  It’s easy to get carried away by someone who’s flattering and complimentary about you, but be aware they may have an ulterior motive.  However, also be aware of people who never seem to want to meet, yet allow the topic of conversation become more intimate. Be especially vigilant if anyone asks you for money.

3. Check out your date’s profile description – is their English poor and full of odd-sounding phrases and/or spelling mistakes?  Scammers often use over-the-top language in their profiles.  You can also search for scammer phrases by copying and pasting some of their profile text into Google, this will then highlight if the phrases appear on other sites.

4. Check that their photo is genuine by right clicking on their image to perform a Google search.  The search results will show where else their picture appears online, you should also check that their profile description matches their image.  You’ll also be able to see whether their photo belongs to someone with a different name which should ring alarm bells if it does.

It seems obvious, but it’s surprising how often people do this, don’t ever give any personal information such as bank account details or your address to someone you meet online, it almost always ends in tears. There is no harm in a bit of due diligence.

Keep these tips in mind if you’re looking for love online and they’ll help ensure you have a safer online dating experience.  If you want to find out more about Scamalytics and how they’re working to prevent online scammers, click here for their website:




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