Impact play is more effective at waking me up than a cup of coffee and provides me with a delicious dopamine buzz that puts a pep in my step. What can I say? I am a fan. Recently I was delighted to receive a box of impact play toys from the Tantus silicone line in exchange for my fair and honest review. There are a fair amount of toys in this box, so expect a number of reviews to be coming out in the upcoming months. I dug one out at random, so this first review is going to be the…Gen Paddle! Available from the Tantus website HEREDisclaimer: all the links below are affiliate links. Information about my affiliate partners can be found HERE.

This Toy Really Appeals To My Goth/Virgo/Germaphobe Esthetic

As someone who never stopped being goth, despite learning to dial back on the eyeliner over the years, I am particularly sold on the color. It is black! My favorite color. (This is usually where someone feels the need to point out that black is the absence of color and then I ignore them and carry on my merry gothy way). While it is true that impact toys tend to run towards black in general, there is just something about when they are black that feels so “right” to me.

In addition to being a lifelong goth, I am also a Virgo and a germaphobe. This means that leather toys have always made me wince slightly, particularly if the toy has been around for a number of years and used on multiple people. It simply is impossible to sterilize leather and that body funk is going to build up. The fact that this entire line of Tantus impact toys is made from 100% premium silicone and very easy to clean is a big selling point to me. Mild soap and warm water is all it takes and if you want to be very thorough, you can always boil them to fully disinfect them!

The Gen Paddle Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways

Gen Paddle Width

This toy is actually a three in one deal. You can use both ends of it for impact. In my opinion, they both deliver different but pleasurable sensations. But that is not all! In addition to being able to use the handle for impact, it also doubles as an insertable!

You could work someone (or yourself) over, into a dopamine drenched puddle of rosy impact bliss, and then follow up with some inside hugs. At 6 inches of length, the handle is a decent size for some internal stimulation. If you are going to be using the handle for impact and then switch over to use it as an insertable, bear in mind that there is a hole in the center and also your sweaty hands have been all over it. I would recommend popping a condom on, using a bit of lube and then having some fun. The bonus benefit of putting a condom over an insertable is that it makes post scene cleanup much easier.

My Final Thoughts On The Gen Paddle

Gen Paddle Handle

Seeing as this is a fair and honest review, I am going to be honest that the one drawback for me is that the handle is somewhat narrow. I would like for the width and girth of the handle to be a little bit more substantial. I have big hands and after I have been wielding  the Gen Paddle for a while I notice that my wrist gets sore from grasping the slender handle. However, all bodies are different and I have some wrist sensitivity issues. You could use this toy and find that the girth of the handle works perfectly for your needs.

Another thing I like about this toy is how minimal the packaging is. One of my pet peeves is purchasing something and having to throw away layer after layer of unnecessary packaging. Sometimes it seems like you end up with half a trash can full of packaging just to get to the product. Not with this bad boy. The only packaging is a simple tag and plastic sleeve.

All in all, a very fun toy that checks a lot of boxes for me. I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far and it is a well made piece that is not going to be falling apart on me anytime soon. This is definitely a worthwhile addition to your toy bag. I do recommend it. Pick one up from the Tantus website.

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