People outsource all aspects of their lives in order to save time, be it hiring a cleaner, getting groceries delivered to the front door or investing in a personal trainer in order to get healthier.

Matchmaking is no different. Here at The Vida Consultancy, our fiercely busy clients outsource their love lives to us. Many of them are so immensely successful because their lifestyles afford them so little time to be out on the dating scene, regardless of how much they yearn to fall in love and settle down with their life partner.

Online dating has revolutionized the dating scene, of that there is no doubt. It is now easier than ever before to meet people from every background you can imagine (and some you can’t). If they’re no good, swipe, done – onto the next one, who will hopefully be better. And this is great – up to a point. Sure, you get to meet loads of exciting, dynamic, attractive strangers, but how likely is it the two of you will share your deepest values, beliefs and aspirations, fall in love in a way that can only come from a genuine and profound connection?

Time scarcityIn the modern era, people are constantly, seemingly perpetually, stressed about never having enough time. Prof. Ashley Whillans of Harvard Business School refers to this as time famine and found that using money to buy time provides a buffer against this. Investing in money-saving devices promotes day-to-day happiness and, therefore, higher life satisfaction.Sure, you might invest a few dollars in a dating app in order to exchange messages with some intriguing hotties, but at the end of the day, a matchmaker has already made that contact for you. A matchmaker knows every one of their clients like the back of their hand, understands their foibles, their interests, what makes them tick and what qualities and characteristics they are seeking in a life partner.

Can you put a price on love?In 2014, the New York Times found that people who use online dating spend up to 90 minutes a day looking for a potential partner. This was 5 years ago; one can only imagine that this statistic has since increased.Online dating is inherently one-dimensional. There’s simply no way of knowing whether you and your date will be even remotely compatible until you actually meet in person. Even if the chemistry initially seems potent and you sense that enigmatic ‘spark’, it can take a huge amount of quality time together before you really understand whether you’re on the same page – and whether this is going to work. After all, you need to know someone pretty well before you can even broach subjects such as marriage and children – both of which are deal-breakers for a massive proportion of society. And if you’re not compatible… you’re back to square one.

A matchmaker is a savvy investment, by contrast. They are professionals of the intricate, mysterious dance that is the game of love. The Vida Consultancy’s fine-tuned assessments are acutely honed to find people their perfect match based on an enormous number of factors, from their personal lives to their careers, from their sense of humor to what they like to do in their spare time. Investing in a matchmaker to help you find love becomes much less a question of if, more a question of when. Our 85% success rate speaks for itself, and we have plenty of inspiring success stories demonstrating just how effective our methods are.

You can’t take it with youTime and money have many similarities. You can spend them, lose them, make them, waste them, yearn for them. But no matter how much wealth you accrue, no matter how much your income rises, you cannot put a price on the truly blissful sense of happiness that only a meaningful and loving relationship can bring. Walking hand-in-hand along a deserted beach with the most amazing person you’ve ever met… yeah, that takes some beating.At The Vida Consultancy, we provide clients with a unique approach, combining psychological principles and assessments with character-driven profiling, creating a personable and warm framework in an otherwise increasingly impersonal dating scene.

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