You won’t move on from a relationship that has ended until you accept a few things. It is very hard to move on from a relationship when you didn’t want it to end in the first place. You have to begin the journey of moving on, or you will find yourself stuck and miserable.


The first thing you have to accept is that it is truly over. If you are hoping  you will get back together you are not moving on. Don’t kid yourself. It doesn’t matter if you date 500 other people and proclaim on social media and to anyone that will listen that you are moving on. You are only lying to yourself and everyone else.

So although it may hurt, be unfair, and really suck, you have to accept that your ex made this decision, and their decision is final. Stop waiting for them to call you and say they made a mistake. It’s best to stop waiting for them to break up with their new boyfriend or girlfriend.


The next thing you have to accept is that your ex is not responsible for giving you closure. You don’t need to have another talk with them, or ask them a bunch of questions anymore. You are going to give yourself closure by accepting the relationship is over. Then respect their decision to end it. You are going to give yourself closure by accepting there probably is no good reason for them to have ended the relationship with you.

And you also need to accept that your ex doesn’t need a good reason to end the relationship with you. Sure, it sounds unfair, but unfortunately, life and people, are often not fair. You also need to accept the fact that if your ex does not want you back, they mean it. Take them at their word.

You also need to believe their actions as well. If they have moved on then what more do you need to see to accept that it is really over? If they believe it, so should you. You also need to accept that at some point you won’t feel as bad as you do now. The pain will lessen over time, no matter how much you loved them, it will become more manageable.

You also need to accept that although you feel your ex may owe you an explanation or an apology, you may never get it. And, over time, as you move on, you will no longer feel a need for that explanation or that apology. Acceptance will lead to growth, and help you on your journey moving forward. So stop wallowing in the past, and take your first step forward.



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